It's warmer in hell, so down we go...

cybercandy on DW
3 December
Here I am
It's in my hands
And I'll savour every moment of this

This Journal

This is my writing journal, I don't use LJ for much else anymore and have moved to DW. Everything I've written so far is published on AO3 and if you're in the mood for pictures of pretty inky boys and random rants you'd probably want to check out my tumblr.

What I write

I don't have an OTP just like I don't have just one fandom. So far I've written fic featuring The Used, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sons Of Anarchy and Adam Lambert (yeah, I was surprised, too).

I'm open for prompts/requests but also got a life, so can't promise anything. Just ask and I'll see what I can do.

Transformative Works

I'd love to see my stories made into podfic / art / music / soundtracks and other stuff you can think off (a knitted version would seriously impress me, just sayin'). But please ask me first and once you're done don't forget to credit me as the original author (including a link back to my account/the original fic).

Most of all LET ME KNOW so I can flail and feel flattered and comment and pimp.

Creative Commons License

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